Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Bare Footing, Tubing & The Air Chair!

That's what I'm talking about...."glass"Jared doing the stuff Sky ski....sky high

The U-3 Tube...totally out of controll & Peter know it!Yes, we have the technology to fly this thing.Banks Lake...and Steamboat RockSmooth water, a ski, a couple of knee braces and I'm ready to go!

We were a "footin family"...but Larry has slown down since he broke his femur ..."doin it"...so Jared is now the long line, beach- start king.


Marlene was OK with running on the treadmill ...until she met Shari Ann...and all of the sudden she started running by the hour ... one marathon after another...Jared & Marlene doing the Abbotsford Police Run (hi Franky)I need water...


Sun Peaks is our favorite spot...light powder, 3 moutains and friends..
Jared started boarding when he was 6Marlene, Peter & LindaOn the chairWhat's minus 22?.... Nibley!!!
Jared AKA SnowBoardKing